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Is the engine in good shape? Does it need to be overhauled or replaced?

To get a sound diagnosis, measure compression and performance: it is efficient, reliable and demonstrable.

For your workshop or classic car club

Compression measurement, Tester MTC-3

This instrument is a very compact and low-cost compression-comparison device that can be used simply and effectively for all combustion engines with 2 to 12 cylinders.


Measuring principle: The power consumption of the starter motor is measured with a Hall sensor during the starting process and then evaluated. The measuring range of the current clamp is -500 to +500 Amp., Resolution 1 Amp.

Power measuring instrument TB 109

The TB109 is a mobile device for measuring and recording the performance and torque behavior of combustion engines.


Measuring principle: If an engine accelerates a load (or itself), the strength of the acceleration is a measure of the power output.

The acceleration is calculated from the measurement of the engine speed and from the moment of inertia of the engine.



Since 1979, Syntec Instruments AG has been the specialist for measurement-systems of compression and performance in combustion engines. 

Vintage Cars from the 60s to the late 80s

You want to:

live a dream…

bring an heirloom back to life...

decade after decade, keep maintaining your very first car... 



Since 2003, former "car mechanics" have been trained as automotive technicians (or mechatronic eng. CH & De: Mechatroniker). Dealing with computer-aided measuring and diagnostic devices as well as a wide knowledge in the field of vehicle electronics have become essential. Part of the classic learning stuff had to give way. Vintage cars' experts are becoming rare, as is the chance to learn personally from one of them.


We offer you fee-based advice or sparring for the renovation or repair of your vintage car from 1960 to 1990. Contact us without obligation, we will quickly clarify whether we can support you.